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Monitoring Surveys


High accuracy deformation monitoring is an important part of many modern infrastructure and construction projects.


We can provide a reliable measure of the impact of works on the surrounds, monitoring slope stability and subsidence.


Precise Levelling


Precise levelling is undertaken for monitor settlement movement has occurred on structures.  Measurements are taken on fixed points at regular intervals to determine the extent of movement to sub millimetre accuracy.


Volumetric Analysis


3D processing of our survey data produces established volumes, surface area measurements, contours and cross sections.


These can be used for a variety of purposes such as quantifying excavated or crushed materials, enabling subsequent cut and fill exercises to be undertaken to balance earthworks.


Setting Out


We provide a reliable and accurate service for our many clients in the construction industry, providing precise setting out control and check schedules at all stages of the construction process.

Granite city surveys engineering survey - verticalities
Granite City Surveys engineering survey - precise levelling

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